Sunday, February 17, 2013

Seed Starting for Spring 2013

Well, its nearly spring here in Florida, and with days that have highs in the 80s, some might contend that spring has already sprung. We have at least on quick freeze likely to hit us this weekend, and then I think we will be officially on a warming trend. And if that’s true, then there is no time like the present to get my spring seeds started!

Last year I bought a tool to make my own paper seed starter pots. I blogged about it here:Time to start seeds? 

Yesterday I had an afternoon free and began making my fully biodegradable paper pots and starting some seeds. Here’s what I have done so far.

  • I made 64 little newspaper pots. I love this method because it recycles my junk mail and makes pots that won’t bind root systems.

021313 paper pot

  • Then I planted the following organic heirloom seeds:

021313 Seed Starts 1

    • 4 Kerala Red Amaranth
    • 4 Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth
    • 2 India Jwala hot peppers
    • 2 Tam Jalapeno peppers
    • 4 ground cherries
    • 4 Dragon Tongue Beans
    • 4 Mammoth Sunflowers
    • 4  Moonwalker Sunflowers
    • 4 Burgundy Okra
    • 4 Purple Beauty Peppers
    • 4 Sweet Red Stuffing peppers
    • 4 Friariello Di Napoli peppers
    • 4 Amy’s Apricot tomatoes
    • 4 Homestead tomatoes
    • 4 Black Cherry tomatoes
    • 4 Yellow Wonder Strawberries
    • 4 Jewel Nasturtiums

021313 Seeds Starts 2

A lot of these seeds are new to me, so it will be a real experiment to see if I cultivated them correctly. I am really excited to be growing Amaranth this year. I have been reading about it’s super-food status, and I love the idea of growing something that I can eat the leaves and harvest grain. I plan to devote the bed I have in the front yard to the Amaranth because I think it will be pretty enough to proudly display.

I am keeping the seed starts in my little 3-Shelf greenhouses while it is still cold at night. I plan to do another 64-100 more starts to get me through spring and summer. I’ll update when I get those going too.

Isn’t this the best time of year? Don’t you just love all of the possibilities? Every one of these little pots of dirt represent a potential harvest to me. And I am so excited to find out if my investments will profit. It is amazing to think that these small trays will develop into whole large beds of plant life in the coming months. I can’t wait to see them all grow up!

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